Podcasting in EDUC 3516

Part of the course experience includes creating audio recordings. This is integrated into the course schedule as a weekly activity, but you will sign up for the week in which you will record and submit your podcast recording. This is a group task, since podcasting for this course, as it is in many other podcasting events in education, is a collaborative event. You will sign up in week ONE for your podcasting group and select the week when you will present your podcast. Keep in mind that your podcast will need to be completed during the week BEFORE the week in which it will be shared. This will mean a bit more work during the week BEFORE you podcast goes live. Your instructor and the graduate assistant will support your group to successfully complete this group task.

To give you some idea how educational podcasts work, take a listen to any one of these regularly scheduled podcasts created by educators. VoiceEd Radio is a great place to start with a varied set of podcasts on a variety of topics https://voiced.ca/podcasts/

Suggested podcasts for you, as beginning educators:

  • LakeEdVoices: A weekly podcast done last year by our teaching assistant, Shauna Burnie. The podcast focused on a different word every week and includes important dialogue around education, technology, and personal growth.
  • Shukes and Giff: This a weekly podcast by Canadian educators Kim Pollishuke (@KimPollishuke) and Jen Giffen (@VirtualGiff). The podcast aims to share EdTech treasures with the audience in hopes of creating an AHA moment and encouraging listeners to take those AHAs and give it a go.
  • Becoming: This is a new podcast hosted by Catherine Tang where she explores the age-old question of “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”. As children, some of us had crystal clear ideas of what our future would look like. Others opted to go with the flow. Whatever our experiences, they’ve all influenced who we are and the path that we are on today. Through this podcast, you’ll get a glimpse at the paths and lives of some really interesting people, and the journey they are on.
  • Google Teacher Tribe podcast: with Matt Miller and Kasey Bell, this podcast provides loads of information, tips, tricks, and updates with all things Google for Education.

For this task, you will have access to a FREE Soundtrap Education account (as provided by your instructor). FIRST: Access Soundtrap as a STUDENT. NEXT type in the account CODE that will connect you to the Education account and link you to your podcasting group. FINALLY: Connect with your Podcasting Group using a Google Chat ‘room’ or group messages. Plan ahead since you need to have this task done at the BEGINNING of your assigned week.

You DO NOT need to sign up for a free account. Your instructor will provide full access through her paid education account. Review the expectations below to ensure you have MET the criteria for assessment.

Learn more about Soundtrap from these tutorial videos. You can also sign up for the Soundtrap for Educators FREE online learning experience.

Podcasting expectations include:

  • all group members’ voices are introduced at the beginning of the podcast
  • all group members’ voices are heard throughout the podcast, except for the one person acting as the podcast moderator
  • the podcast recording is 5-8 minutes in length
  • the podcasting file is submitted in D2L by the Sunday night BEFORE the week it will be included e.g. Week 3 podcast will be submitted by Sunday at the beginning of week 3
  • the podcast fits the weekly topic but expands and extends the topic
  • the podcasters make reference to additional sources beyond those provided on the course site