Course At A Glance

Here’s a peek at how this course is laid out, a week-by-week glance:

Dates Topic (s)
Week 1 Jan 4-8 Welcome Take a look around.  Plan your trip through the course – map it out!
Week 2 Jan 11 – 15 What is critical about digital literacy (CDL)? How will you define terms – critical, digital, literacy
Week 3 Jan 18-22 Inquiry – What is inquiry learning? How might you apply CDL into an inquiry project?
Week 4 Jan 25-29 Decoding in digital space – critical literacy skills to model digital citizenship navigation, norms, style & mode
Week 5 Feb 1-5 Making Meaning with digital content – reading, relating, and expression with a critical lens
Week 6 Feb 8 – 12 Using and Understanding digital tools
Reading Week Break – Feb 15 – 19
Week 7 Feb 22-26 Choice and Voice: how to analyse and create using digital resources
Week 8 March 1-5 Persona: Find your face and place; identity, reputation & participation within your digital networks
Week 9 Mar 8-12 My Teaching Persona – beliefs and practices