Week 1

HOOK: Getting into digital spaces

This first week is about becoming familiar with each other and the digital spaces for this course. Explore. Get a feel for the landscape. Look for connections. Orient and introduce yourself.

At the end of this week you will be able to:

  • express your interests and relevant background knowledge using a variety of digital tools (survey, discussion, images)
  • tell about your self, your interests, your perspectives in written and graphic formats (in your page in our class ‘selfie’ story)
  • locate and make reference to course information in D2L and on the course website

Direct Instruction

Something to think about:

As we begin this course, I’d like you to consider the use of selfies in the classroom. Watch the video below by Jonathan Worth. Consider how his story about Selfless Selfies could be included in the classroom for the age/grade in which you hope to teach. Would you do this type of activity as a classroom teacher? Why or why not?

Consider how this type of activity could impact students, promote social justice issues, or heighten awareness for a cause. How would you ensure that student privacy and safety is managed while exploring selfies with students?

“Selfless Selfies” with Jonathan Worth


  • Get to know the course. Scan the pages on this course site that support the learning and work in this course. Be aware of information and resources found here.
  • READ THE SYLLABUS! If you’d like to try annotation of the syllabus, use our shared space in Hypothes.is to ask or answer questions, make jot notes, or add new connections to other courses, topics, or links.
  • Search and read about how to use D2L if you are new to this learning management system. We will use D2L for course DISCUSSIONS and assignment submissions.
  • EXPLORE the course website and the digital tools you will be invited to use, apply, and integrate into your course work.

Guided Practice: What to do

  1. Begin by reading the course syllabus and becoming familiar with the assignment expectations.
  2. In D2L say HI and introduce yourself using the SHOE SELFIE activity.
    • In Google Slides, add ONE page where you can share a ‘shoe selfie’ story as modelled by your instructor [Lakehead email is needed].
  3. Plan your schedule for this course. Since there are NO formal synchronous class sessions, you need to plan your own work schedule for this course work. What days and times will you keep ‘sacred’ to ensure you are getting this course work completed. While you do not need to share these plans, it is recommended that you block these off in your own calendar and set notifications to remind yourself to do this work.

Independent Practice

  1. Tinker and explore Hypothes.is.
    • Try using Hypothes.is for the course syllabus and the main reading for this course. The links and instructions are found in D2L and on this course site – Tools 2 Use: Hypothes.is
  2. Complete the Pre-course survey by the end of this week [emailed to you before the holidays, link is in D2L]


  1. Track your tasks on the Grade Grid Google Spreadsheet. This will be shared directly with you in Week one and will be found in your Lakehead email/ Google Drive.

Supplementary Resources – Curating for our teaching practice

Fleming, N. (2020, November 12). 6 Exercises to Get to Know Your Students Better – and Increase Their Engagements. Edutopia.