Twitter is about conversations and connections. It is what emerges because of these connections and conversations, that makes it so exciting. (What the Heck is Twitter). As part of this course, you are encouraged to use Twitter to extend and enrich the conversations we have in D2L and digital spaces.

  • We’ll collaboratively use the course hashtag #3516CDL as we find interesting connections, links and resources to share. But you don’t have to join twitter to see the conversation – you can always google search for #3910cdl. You can check out David Truss’ eBook called: Twitter EDU Your-One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter to learn more about Twitter.
  • So what is Twitter and how can educators leverage this microblogging tool to their advantage as teachers and learners?

Use Dr. Camille Rutherford’s Guide to Getting the Most out of Twitter for Teacher Candidate’s and New Teachers as a starting point for your initiation into Twitter as a teacher.

​Learn more about using the lingo and language from the Getting Started with Twitter Help Page.

Then, jump into the Twitter stream and get started. Your bootcamp activity is to set up, create your profile, manage your settings and then explore the Twitter environment. Find others educators from this course, and in Ontario, to follow. Create your first tweet, retweet and retweet with a quote.

There’s lots more here!Also use the Guide to Canadian Education Hashtags as a reference for when you are tweeting to specific #Canadian contexts. 

Twitter Boot Camp

Twitter – Basics for Educators