Points and Grades

Points and grades for this course will be tracked on a shared spreadsheet where YOU and your instructor will collaboratively work toward your success in this course. You will take an active role in recording and tracking your final results for this course. Take responsibility to complete the grade grid as part of your weekly tasks. Your instructor will confirm and support this tracking with you.

Use the GRADE GRID to begin mapping out your course plan and a basis for your own week by week “to do” list as a way to help you work toward success in this course. Use the weekly ‘activities’ and ‘actions’ posted on the syllabus and course web pages, and reflected in the GRADE GRID to help you plan your trajectory through the course.

NOTE: This grade grid is NOT the OFFICIAL grade submitted, but should be considered a guideline toward your goals for this course.

Most tasks in the course are evaluate using a MET / NOT MET basis. The expectations for meeting the task requirements are outlined in the syllabus and on the course site. Refer to these expectations frequently. 

MET – passed this task, meeting the competencies and expectations for adequate completion

NOT MET YET – means you’ll get specific, timely, feedback to use to improve your work to ensure you meet the basic expectations for completion

This GRADE GRID is an image only. You will receive the link to your OWN, INDIVIDUAL grid as shared in your Google Drive. To adhere to university requirements for grade submissions, your final grades for this course will be submitted using MY INFO and Marks Manager, but will reflect the work done on this grade grid.

Individual Grade Grid – image of shared Google spreadsheet for tracking of course progress